Thursday, June 10, 2010


Part 18

Time was passing swiftly, Veena very busy in completing her assignment; and finally she prepares her final document and web files. The day to submit the report was approaching fairly quickly. Ibna had learned under Veena quite a few things and was showing good progress in learning the work. Both the girls had become pretty close friends and on one day while they were sharing their meals at the lunch Veena casually told Ibna that she will be spending her weekend at her village, Ghatla. On hearing that impatiently Ibna insists that she would like to see the place. Ibna’s this childish insistence was not any more new to Veena but this time she had many things to settle and over and above that Yamuna was also insisting to come. Veena did not give any assurance to Ibna and told her the matter shall be decided afterwards. Ibna looks very sad on that but there was no alternative but to accept the suggestion of Veena. Time was passing pretty quickly as I said earlier and one day Veena gets a telegram from her father telling amongst other things a tiding of Yashoda’s marriage. While chatting amongst the friends Veena casually refers to that and Ibna over hears it. Now Ibna is very insistent to go to her village and see the marriage ceremony. Veena cheers up her by promising to take her along when she goes to the village.

The day arrives and it is Saturday the weekend. Veena and Yamuna prepare to leave for the village Ghatla, Veena had taken the second installment and all was set. While they were to come out of the room she gets a call on her mobile, it was Ibna, and she was waiting outside of the lane of their chawl. Veena had almost forgotten that she had promised this young Arab girl to accompany her and this call almost frightens her. She holds the line and whispers to her Aatyaa, “this is Ibna, she says she is waiting for us outside of the lane, what to answer”? this makes her Aatyaa laugh so loudly that it makes noise at that early hour. Yamuna declares that there is no chance that you can avoid this adamant girl and that we shall have to take her along, come what may! In a choked voice Veena replies to Ibna that, “please, dear we are going by a bus and that will not be suitable for you, it is almost three hours of travel on a very rough road to my village, will you please excuse and drop the idea of coming along”.

On that Ibna replies with a laughing tone, “No problem of the rough road, Veena I am with my car and we shall be going by that car, and you know my car can run smoothly on any rough road, so just do not waist time giving excuses and any ideas of avoiding me, please, dear come out quickly and let us start the trip”. Veena hangs the mobile and looking very much nervous not because Ibna was coming with them but because, she did not want her to see one more rickety house. They move out with a few bags and now Yamuna more interested in the trip as they were going to village in a limousine. She had heard of such cars but did never have a chance to be in one. She elbows Veena and suggests to accept the offer and, “let us now move out quickly”.

With the idea of traveling by a luxurious car Yamuna looks beaming with some added shine, a sweet smile on her face she moves down the staircase, they come on the alley and look around to see if Ibna is really there or she was fooling on the phone, but to Veena’s dismay and Yamuna’s joy there they see a big green colored car parked on one end of the pathway and a small figure of Ibna, her pink face in dark black scarf. She was looking to the couple of ladies, smile on her face and she waves them. Yamuna waves back since she was very delighted that the girl is there and the travel by the car was now a sure treat. Veena on the other hand looks peevish but does not show it to Ibna, her face, since by now she had realize that her Aatyaa was all for the going by Ibna’s car and so gives a timid sneer to Ibna and they are walking briskly. They reach the big car; Ibna moves gracefully to Aatyaa and by the custom of the middle east Arabs she rubs her soft cheeks on hers and Yamuna enjoys that. Veena is watching the ceremony nonchalantly, more worried since it was now impossible to say no to Ibna as her aunt had accepted the girl as her friend. Now there was no time to spare, they hastily put their bags on the rear seat of the car and Ibna requests them that they had all better be on the front seat, it was pretty large for the three small sized women. Veena now feels a little comfortable since the travel is going to be all fun, she calculates that the time required shall be much less than what usually a transport but would take. Veena knows the passageway to her village and so she can guide Ibna while moving. All was set and the three ladies were now going to a village, that had never seen such a car ever before!

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