Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Part 20

They stopped the car on a place, very scenic, and alighted, made their dress proper and moved around to see the beautiful early morning Sun. The Sun was at the horizon and air misty and pleasing. Yamuna was more interested in preparing the breakfast and so she removed the bag containing the lunch box. Ibna opened the dicky box on the car and took out a bag, Veena was curiously watching Ibna; she opened that bag and it inflated to take a shape of small tent. One side of the tent was properly fixed to the roof of the car and so secured that it will not blow away in the wind. It was very amazing for Veena. A curious smile sprung on her face. In no time there was a secured place for the three ladies to have their brunch. That was not enough for Veena as Ibna skillfully took out one more box from dicky and took out four plastic packs, she used the compressor of the car to inflate them and in no time each one was converted into small cubical box, these were the sitting chairs and one was to serve as table to keep the brunch. Veena and Yamuna were both flabbergasted to see all those things Ibna was doing with great skill. Yamuna could not control her surprise and told Veena that she could not have thought of all such things and if any body had told her about them she would laugh it away. But now that she is actually seeing these modern things, she feels convinced about it. They hurriedly occupied their seats and Yamuna opened the lunch box. Steaming hot chapattis and very delicious potato bhaji was the menu. All of them jumped on it and in no time the box was empty. They were all eating together from the same box and that was not the way they would do otherwise but situation demanded that they share the same box of bhaji. For Ibna that was a usual thing to eat from the same dish but for these brahmain women it was not planned. Only after they finished it Yamuna realized what had happened and looked to Veena suspiciously; not wanting to show that she had done something most unexpected. Veena did not look any different even though she had also realized the thing. Both women took that in a spirit of understanding and almost immediately forgot it. Yamuna looked to Ibna and asked, if she liked the preparation. Ibna with a sweet smile told by nodding that she really enjoyed it mainly because, apart from it being a very tasty preparation, and was a homemade food. She told Veena that she has not eaten homemade food for many months and if they allow she would like to visit their house in the city to enjoy it. On that none of the ladies said anything but Yamuna after some pause agreed for that.

The simple breakfast was over and now the three were looking around to see the beautiful scenery. The sweet twitting of birds at that early morning was so pleasing that they decided to be there for some more time. Sun was slowly rising, the heat was increasing, and so they decide to pack up. Ibna now with the help of both Veena and Yamuna did the packing of the tent and the plastic seats. They were kept properly in the respective containers and now they are ready for further journey.

"How far is it?" Ibna asked Veena to know the time now required to reach the village. "One more hour of drive". Veena
Yamuna looked very relaxed in that big and very comfortable car. She was wondering if her niece can have one such. As if Veena had understood the thoughts of her Aatyaa, she abruptly said to Yamuna without asking, "If not this big, Aatyaa, I will definitely have one soon, let me first get out of that loan! This loan is coming on my nerves; I do not want Baba to feel embarrassed for not being able to repay it"! Ibna could not understand what the two were conversing about but she was understanding enough to know that their talk has nothing to do with her. All set and the big limousine took speed towards Ghatla village.

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