Saturday, May 29, 2010


Part 17

Ibna’s unplanned visit to her house, this incidence had triggered the desire for better house in the mind of Veena. She decided that the loan of her father be returned as quickly as possible and then next thing of all the things will be to meet the agent, Mr. Govardhandas.

Veena wanted to call Yamuna from wherever she had gone but her Aatyaa did not have the mobile. There was no way but to wait until the lady arrives. Ibna looked very comfortable and now she requested Veena that she would like to have some plain water. Veena gave it and moved out of the place to meet her neighbor Nirmala to find out where Yamuna had gone. Nirmala could not tell exactly but the guesswork was that she had been to her one friend Vimal. The house of Vimal was not far from that place. Here at Veena’s room Ibna was sitting nonchalantly on the bed, she for a moment got out of her sit and began to wander around to see the place but it was a casual incidence and she definitely had no wile intentions n doing that. That was just for killing time until Veena’s aunt comes. The house was neatly kept but clearly showed the modest standard of living. Ibna was comparing her previous house and she was very amused to know how similar people live all over the world when they are of similar living standard. While Ibna was meandering in that small apartment the door cracked open and the two women hurriedly entered. They saw the young beautiful Arab girl standing in the middle of he front room, gazing unflappably the two women. Then she gave a grinning smile and the two women looking to the stranger in similar way returned the gesture. Veena holding right hand of Yamuna introduced her to Ibna. Ibna touched her breast by her right palm to show respect to Yamuna. Yamuna returned by a gracious smile and that was the completion of the ritual for the introduction. All the ladies looked very comfortable in the company. Language was the problem but Veena did the interpreter. Veena looked to Ibna and the expression on her face clearly showed that now Ibna should say adieu and as if Ibna got the hint or may be she was honestly wanting to move away once she had seen Veena’s Aatyaa. Ibna takes up her bag and says goodbye to them and Veena accompanies her down the rickety stair and up to the beginning of the gulley. Ibna without looking back moves swiftly to her car and the car shoots; Veena looks very much relieved that the uncalled for guest had at last gone. But there was some smile on her face as she remembers that Ibna has come from the similar background and she was fairly adjusting with Veena. Veena was at the same time wondering; was Ibna talking truth that she also belongs to the family having similar economic status, may be she said that to comfort Veena, all these thoughts were rushing in her mind while she was slowly walking back to her house. Yamuna told her that the young girl was very decent in her manners and appreciated her demeanor.

No further talk was possible since both were very hungry and they arranged for the simple meal as usual. Veena nevertheless was deeply thinking about how early she can pay back the loan and arrange for some loan with the help of Govardhandas. Next week she was going to carry second installment of the loan to Ramnath the moneylender. Now both the women relaxing on bed were chatting to discuss happenings on that day and in that Veena tell her Aatyaa, Yamuna that she will be carrying second installment to Ramnath next week when she will be visiting her village, Ghatla. Yamuna shows her desire to accompany her along so that she will be able to attend Yashod’s marriage and also see her brother and Veena’s mother after a long time. Yashoda whose marriage they were going to attend was also her niece. While chatting was on; and they went into sleep when they did not know. The night had overtaken the tired women.

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