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Part 14

“Madam Veena that is my business”. Govardhandas exclaims. That was no answer to her query. And so she looks all the more hesitant. Govardhandas realizes that he must answer the query.
“You see Veenaji I am an estate agent and we always keep in touch with people at various hotels. The other day you and your two friends were in the hotel Ramdan, there my contact told me about your being with the Arab and the girl. They investigated and came to know that it was a party for the contract the Arab had signed with you and so I put two and two together and concluded that you are in for some good money. After that I found out from my other contacts that you are working for the Corporation. Luckily for me I knew your boss as he had purchased his current flat from me. There I got your phone and he told me that I should show you a really good place, safe and comfortable. And that is how I phoned you. Are you satisfied with this much explanation”? Govardhandas explained with a giggle.

While talking they reached the reception area of a big building. The construction was brand new. A very posh get up, Veena was feeling very nice about the place. Yashoda elbowed Veena and with a question mark on her face enquired in a soft voice, “Are you serious about all this matter”? Veena winked her with a smile; both the ladies were walking a few steps behind the agent and were careful that he does not notice them. For the first time in her life, Veena puts her right arm around Yashoda’s neck and rubbing her cheeks on hers, they keep walking. They were really enjoying the treat. Looking around they saw many other people pouring in that place most probably to choose their flat in those building. The flooring of the corridors was so smooth and glassy. Walking on it was pleasure. They reached the elevator and Govardhandas stopped there, looked back to the two, and politely asked, “Which floor would you like to be”?

Yashoda was smiling to herself and trying to hide behind her niece she was trying to avoid Govardhandas. She knew for the two it was just a time pass but Veena had different dreams. She looked a little confused and for a while did not say anything but she realized that she has to say something and that to; quickly. Her trained mind needed some inputs, so she enquired to agent, “What are rates at higher floors? Are they same for all floors?

Since the building is new the rates are at present kept same for all floors but Veenaji, I would advise you to book for flats at higher-level floors; they will fetch better value if you want to sell them at some later time. I always advise my customers to buy flats at higher floors for this reason”.

On that advise Veena was numbed. She could not know how to react on that but without her conscience, intuitively she whispered; “let us go on the top floor”. Yashoda liked the idea of going to the top floor not because she was any interested in any flat there but she wanted to see the town from that height. She elbowed Veena approvingly and on that note the trio got into the lift to reach the top floor.

They were seeing flats on each floor, some were fully furnished and loan facility was readily available. On every floor representative of various banks were loitering around to catch the customer. The whole experience was very amusing and also amazing for both the women. Gradually they came on the first floor, there Govardhandas met with some other people who had approved of some flat, and they were discussing about it. Govardhandas wanted Veena to partake in the discussion as he was expecting to sell one to her in the near future. Veena joined the discussion and there she came to know about many intricacies involved in the process of buying the flat. It was a type of tutorial for her and she was really and thoroughly enjoying it. Yashoda having no interest in the discussion was busy peeping in flats on that floor and there she saw the receptionist girls were welcoming her with sweet smiles. Veena was getting more mature with all this exercise but at the same time the thoughts of pending loan of her father were prodding up continuously. Finally they left the place to go to their purchased flat and Govardhandas returned to Veena; looking to her the elderly gentleman that he was, become conscious of the pending worries on her face. “What is the matter young lady, are you worried about the high cost of the flats, please do not worry, the loan will be immediately sanctioned so that you can buy the flat even while clearing the other liability if any”. Govardhandas was speaking with anticipation of some in net problem; he was correct about it.

Veena did not reply but looked very sullen to him. Govardhandas watched her walk silently, as if deeply rooted in her thoughts. After some walk towards the car he reopened the conversation but not about the buying of flat but about eating out in some good place. On that the two women looked to each other, Yashoda did not, in point of facts, like that idea but did not say anything, that was her Veena’s forte to decide. Veena was looking very sad as she was not in a position to do any purchase immediately. She looked to Govardhandas and told, “Soory sir, I think we should stop at this as I do not want to hazard my job and do anything risky at this time but I promise after I clear my first loan I will definitely contact you and we shall do the deal but not now,” and she offers her hand to him for a shake so that they can part. Govardhandas was not so easy a person to get rid off. He smiled and told her, “Never mind that but we can at least have some refreshments to celebrate the occasion”.
“What occasion”? Veena
But he was not going to listen and they joined him and went for a good eatery.

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