Monday, May 10, 2010


Part 15

The Sunday was well spent. Some new things Veena learned from that experience and she also came to know one good person, Govardhandas. In city like this some powerful contacts are always very handy, she was learning the ways of the world. Next day she on reaching her office first thing deed was to know about Rashmi’s father. Rashmi for anything else produces five hundred rupee note and with many thanks gives it to Veena. Veena had decided to give her friends a small but cute party and she had decided to give that party in that cafeteria where she had eaten masala samosa. Veena knew that her both friends are non-veg and so she had planned to give a party with menu of some simple non-veg preparations. And so after usual hi, hay Veena tells Rashmi about her plans to give the party to her and Jyoti. Rashmi looks very delighted at that tiding and looks around to find Jyoti and there she comes; while the three were talking about the party on that evening after the office there comes Ibna. today Ibna is without her veil, she had dress in delicately fitting trouser and shirt and looked very pretty. Ibna came hurriedly and joined the team. Veena was surprised to see her and enquired about her visit to the office. Ibna tells her that the project on which she was to work with Veena is to commence on today and so she will be coming to the office on regular terms from now on. Jyoti innocently blurts to Ibna about the party Veena was giving to them and after saying that she realizes that it was a slip-up to talk about it to Ibna. Veena invites also Ibna for the party and the young girl feels very pleased at that. She tells them that in her country it was an impossible thing to move without a veil and mix with people like this and tells her heart out that if possible she would prefer to stay in India forever. On that note they part only after reminding each other about the party and the office work absorbs them during the day.

At the end of the day they meet again and set out to reach that self-service restaurant. It was a new and exciting experience for young Ibna and she was walking along with other girls cheerfully. All girls were busy talking on subjects of no immediate importance but the chatting was essential for the ladies and they reach the place and climb the steps of the restaurant, enter it and Veena graciously, as now she was the host for the party, request them to select their choice of dish. Veena tells them that they can have any dish and it need not be a veg because Veena is a vegetarian. They run to the show counter, where the dishes were kept, and keep watching the various dishes intently. Veena casually asks Rashmi, if she had been to that eatery before and on that she gets a negative reply. Veena feels a little joyous since this was the first time that she was first in finding the place; otherwise it was a usual occurrence that Rashmi always knows the places Veena talks of having visited. Veena was improving her position as the city girl and she was confident that she would soon excel both Rashmi and Jyoti in proving to know the city well.

The girls had picked up their choices and were now searching to get the table to sit and eat. There were enough of them and soon every body was enjoying the party. They were busy appreciating the dishes they had picked up and there Jyoti gives a morsel of her dish to Ibna and the idea spreads rapidly to all the girls. They share their selected dishes with each other and that was very embarrassing to Veena, as she was the only vegetarian in them. Veena was wondering what if she eats a small piece of a non-veg dish. Will it be a sacrilege? She saw in her dish there were a few nice smelling pieces of dishes from other girls, while the other girls were very unaware of the predicament through which the host, Veena was passing; she looked around the place to see if any body is looking to her and then finally she picked up one piece of the dish, her hand trembling but resolute Veena puts that piece of dish in her mouth, chews and she feels very different experience for the first time in her life. Veena had eaten a piece of meat sandwich! It was delicious. Then she picked up another piece of other dish and the thing repeats; they all were very yummy. This was an experience Veena had decided not to be revealed to her Aatyaa. Veena never had any life secrets but now on, she is having a top secret that she had tasted a non-veg food.

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