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Part 13

That day Veena again reaches home late as she was waiting with Rashmi to see if everything was in control. She tells Yashoda about Rashmi’s catastrophe as her father suffers from the heart attack. This she explains when Yashoda asks about the provisions Veena was supposed to purchase. Explains how she had given five hundred rupees to Rashmi’s brother. Yashoda had nothing to say but admires her audacity.

Next day was Saturday, the weekend holiday; Veena as usual takes out her laundry and other sundry personal work and finishes all that by the noon. After eating her lunch she phones Rashmi and enquired about her father. Rashmi was overwhelmed by the help Veena had given; she told Veena that because the medicine was given in time her father was recovering and he is out of danger. On hearing that Veena felt very comfortable. Rashmi told her that she was so busy with the hospital matter that she did not get time to withdraw extra money however, on Monday she would return the money; again she kept on thanking Veena so many times that now it became a thing of embarrassment to Veena. While she was conversing with Rashmi Yashoda came near her and there Veena tells how her giving money to Rashmi was essential. The day was passing leisurely. Veena suggested Yashoda that they will go out for a movie and after that should enjoy some dinner in a good eatery. Yashoda was a little hesitant, Veena was insisting for her idea, and their conversation was disturbed by a phone call. Veena takes the call. The voice on the other side welcomed Veena, she did not recognize the voice and so she demanded to know who the person could be; on that the man on the other side introduced himself, “Madam, Veenaji, here I am Goverdhandas want to talk, can we talk”?
“Who Goverdhandas, I do not know of any such person”! Veena exclaims excited and also a little frightened.
“Of course, mam you do not know me. I am an estate agent and want to show you some places. If you are interested”. Goverdhandas
This was something new for Veena and as she comes to know that there was no risk in accepting the invitation; she replies, “I do not mind seeing the places you want to show but I may not take any, then what”?
“That is no problem; you can see them and take your decision leisurely”. Goverdhandas
“Mam, where shall I come to pick you up”? Goverdhandas
Now Veena very much excited and happy that she will be seeing some places, she let know of the conversation to Yashoda and while the phone is on asks her to join in the meeting. They both smile, at least it would be some entertainment, visiting places and seeing them, it was more or less like window shopping. Veena tells Goverdhandas that she will be at the corner hotel and tells him to wait there. Goverdhandas agrees to be there by 4 O’clock sharp.

This was some excitement for both the women. They dress up and move out as; there was no time to waste. While moving out Veena again reminds that they will have dinner to celebrate her new appointment and forces her Atyaa to accept it. Both very congenial in their manners walking reach the place. One thing Veena had forgotten to ask the agent about how to know him and that perplexes her, she is looking here and there, not knowing what to do, Yashoda is also confused for the way this appointment was arranged by her niece. Nevertheless, they were feeling a quaint pleasure, very excited and sporting. As they were standing at the corner looking around to see if any clue they get to know the agent, an elderly man slowly approaches them and stands looking to them and politely appeal, “Are you looking for the estate agent”?

Veena turns to him and bewildered as she was, keeps looking to him while Yashoda taken aback a few steps playing safe with the man watches him skeptically. Soon they realize that the man they were seeking was there and both women relax, their nerves relieved as always happens with women, they give him a coy smile and Yashoda prefers to keep silent and allow Veena to do the talking. They greet each other and immediately Goverdhandas shows his car and request them to be in the car. He opens the rear door and the two women get in the car. It was some car, well maintained and stylish.

They smoothly move out and the car swiftly takes them to a posh locality, some brand new constructions were ready and the agent stops the car, opens the rear door and requests them to see the flats. All along the journey Veena was wondering about how this stranger came to know that she has an idea that she should be in a new house, ever since her promotion Veena was terribly anxious to find out that and so as soon as she comes out of the car she suddenly calls the agent and asks, “he, mister, I do not understand how you came to know of me and the idea that I may be interested in a new flat”?

Goverdhandas gives a big smile.

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