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Part 10

The process of reading continued and at one place the clerk began to elaborate on the responsibilities and risks involved in her work, at that time her boss signs her to be watchful and whispers to her, "if you have any points to be cleared be prompt and fearless in putting them immediately". He whispers this to her as he knew that she is a new person to all these procedures. However, Veena did not find anything objectionable in the agreement and showed her willingness and on that Mr. Kamaal gave a very sincere smile to her, appreciating her audacity.

The meeting is over but Veena remains sitting in her seat contemplating on the proceedings of the meet. When other members of the meeting left that conference room she does not; as she comes to her senses, she sees that the peon was watching her and standing at the door of that room was silently beckoning her to leave that room. Suddenly she realizes it and giving a coy smile to him moves out of that room briskly. Veena comes to her desk, which was almost lunchtime, other girls begin to collect around her desk with smiles of surprise and winking at her mutely question about what was the out come of the meeting. Her friends Rashmi and Jyoti boldly approach her and ask her to join for the lunch. At that time Veena realizes that she has forgotten to collect her lunch box from her home when leaving it in hurry.

“Oh, I forgot my lunch box while leaving for the city”. Veena exclaims softly.
“So what? You can share my lunch”. Rashmi
“We can share lunch together”. Veena
“I have some other idea”. Says Veena with added enthusiasm.
“Let us go for lunch to some good hotel please, do not say no”! Veena insists and on that both her friends agree.
The three girls are moving out for their lunch and at that time she sees Mr. Kamaal approaching her with one young girl almost of her age. He introduces his sister miss Ibna and tells Veena that Ibna is interested in working for the project and would like that Veena allow her to do the work under her. That was a very pleasant shock that Veena has to now accept this untrained girl as her assistant. Without much delay Veena accepts the offer and on that note Kamaal offers the girls to join him along with Ibna for the lunch. That was a much more pleasant surprise to the girls, they accept his offer and now we see they all get into Kamaal’s limousine.
In the car Ibna wanted to sit along with the girls on the rear seat and so she joins the girls, they all exchanging smiles, Kamaal drives the limousine smoothly to a very palacious hotel. while on the way Ibna wanted to know about Veena’s other friends and on that Veena introduces Rashmi and Jyoti to Ibna. They all become very friendly as they were all of the same age group.

For Veena that was a new experience but she had decided to continue with whatever new experiences she gets and win over them and succeed. She was wondering the way things were turning out and she was also at the same time thinking about the loan installment to be paid, her mind was crammed with so many thoughts that she, as walking along with the rest of the group when reached the big hall, stopped her thinking and began to watch the place, with exquisitely decorated tables and chairs of which she could not even think. They stopped at a corner table as it was booked by Kamaal for the occasion. Politely Kamaal requested the guests to occupy the table and only after they did it he be seated down in a chair next to Ibna. The lunch was very different from what Veena had ever eaten. The menu card she could not read and that was the condition of other her friends, so Veena, and her friends suggest that Kamaal can do the order. Kamala calls the waiter and starts pronouncing the names of those weird recipes. The waiter was an Indian and could make out that the three Indian girls are most probably vegetarian, so he intervenes and asks aloud so that the girls can hear, “Ladies this Arab is ordering for non-vegetarian food, are you going to eat that”? on hearing that Veena jumped up in her seat, looking bewildered she stared at Kamaal and was not knowing what to say and how to react. The other girls Rashmi told the waiter with assuming smile that she eats non-veg provided it is not beef. Jyoti told that she would eat what Veena will prefer. This talk in the local language confused Kamaal; particularly when Veena got up and stared at him that was very annoying to him. “What is the matter”? He enquired to the girls. On that the waiter explained to him that, these his guests, are vegetarians and they will not eat the food he had ordered. On hearing that Kamaal felt very much embarrassed, looking to Veena he said, “I am very sorry, I did not know of your food habits”. Then he asked the waiter to ask the girls what they will eat and bring it”. Ibna was watching all this with a surprise on her face and was very much amused on what had happened. Things settled and Veena ordered for her usual food. They enjoyed the food together, while eating Kamaal was over and over again requested for forgiveness to Veena. This his humbleness and decency of expression embarrassed Veena. She felt very shy. The other girls were enjoying on that.
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