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Part 11

Veena was very late to reach her house. As usual Yashoda was worried for her. Veena enters the room and looks to Yashoda with a smile of satisfaction. Yashoda asked her for the delay; told her that in this city girls should be more careful. On hearing that Veena laughed softly. Veena was very eager to tell what had happened in the office and all those things happening at the hotel and more. Today she had sumptuous chatting to be made with her atyaa.

“Veena, refresh and come for the super”. Yashoda orders. Veena takes a quick bath and comes hastily for the meal. They sit on the floor together and as usual Yashoda takes the plates and serve the meal hot. While eating Veena had a tendency to narrate all the things those happened during the day to her Atyaa. In that way Yashoda would come to know about practically everything about her niece. This time Veena tells her about the meeting and the agreement and also about the work responsibility Veena has accepted. Lastly she also tells about the incidence in the hotel and on hearing that Yashoda looks a bit pensive. Holding her hand she cautions her niece about these foreigners but Veena laughs it away. Waving her hand she tells Yashoda that his sister Ibna was also present. On hearing that Yashoda shows some relief. After some time Veena’s curiosity for non-vegetarian food makes her ask Yashoda about that food. Yashoda gets panicky and with rounded eyes tells Veena that she should never think of such foods, she tells her, “We are Brahmins and we are not supposed to touch anything like that. Do you understand”? After that Yashoda holds Veena’s hand and asks her to promise her that she will never eat or even try to eat that food. Even though the matter was of grave importance for her Atyaa, modern Veena who was all, eager to learn every things of this modern world was not so serious. She gave a sick smile and attempted to release her hand from Yashoda’s grip. Veena tells her Atyaa, “My friend Rashmi eats that food then what is wrong if I try it”.
On that question Yashoda looses all her control and becomes terribly restless. On seeing that Veena says sorry to her and now she wants to change the topic however, Yashoda looks very panicky and in the end Veena commits to her dear Atyaa that she being a Brahmin girl will not touch that food; nevertheless, she insists that Yashoda explain to her how is it that Rashmi even though a brahmin girl is accepting that food. What is so wrong in that food that we should not even talk of it? What is so dangerous about it? Her questions continue but Yashoda is temporarily not in a position to reply to her but tells her that she shall explain about that eventually. Veena realizes that the subject is of prime importance to her Atyaa and requests her that she will not say anything about it to her parents.

The super is finished and they together clean the pots and the floor where they ate as they always do. Veena goes to her bed, which is on the side of Yashoda’s bed and keeps on thinking of the new undertaking she was assigned. The sleep overcomes her and her day is over.

When she gets up the other day Yashoda had already prepared the breakfast. They ate it without much chatting; it appears to Veena that yesterday’s talk of the non-vegetarian food had been too much for her Atyaa. She prepares to go for the work and as she is about to go out, she swiftly returns to Atyaa and whispers in her ears, “I will not touch that food and do not be panicky about it”. And after saying that she kisses Yashoda. Moves out and vanishes down the staircase.

Today Veena was in time or rather somewhat earlier and so she decides doing some window-shopping around the market near her office. She enters one refectory and keeps looking to variety of food kept in the show windows on the counters. People were ordering for food and would collect it and then go to the tables kept around and eat, that was the custom. She likes the custom and now she wants to try the food. There is one sells girl standing on the counter, Veena approaches her and asks her if they have any pure vegetarian dish. The girl show some on the window and Veena picks up one dish she had never heard of! That was ‘masala samosa’, the sells girl takes it out and puts it in a microwave oven to warm it and after adding some chutney as helping, serves it. It smells swell. Masala samosa was very piquant and she likes it. It was not very expensive so she decides that she will give a party to her friends Rashmi and Jyoti that evening in that cafeteria. While leaving the place she enquires to the sells girl if they also serve any non-veg food, on that she gets the reply, yes. The sells girl adds, non-veg, is the main dish in that eatery! Veena moves out with some plan in her mind for her friend Rashmi.

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