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Part 9

Veena reaches her office just in time. She reaches her desk and sits to take a few long breathes. The telephone on her desk rings a sharp tone and that wakes her up from her short respite. She gets up and lifts the phone. Her boss is calling and tells her that she has to be ready for a very important meeting with some overseas party. She gets up from her chair and slowly saunters to the cabin of her boss. As she nears the door of the cabin of her boss, inadvertently her palm moves on her hair and she looks to her dress to check that she is in proper getup. The peon at the door politely opens the door of the cabin and she leisurely enters the cabin. She sees one Arab sitting on the sofa on one side of the cabin. On seeing her enter, that Arab gets up and greets her and also the boss gives a smile to greet her in the cabin. She occupies a chair in front of the desk of the boss. The boss introduces that Arab as a businessman from Dubai and explains to her the purpose of his visit to their corporation.

Boss tells her, “Miss Mahaale, here Mr. Abdul Kamaal has come to our corporation for negotiations and his company wants to collaborate with us for technical assistance and with that his company proposes to take up software jobs from that country. You will be working with his company and manage the affairs. As what Mr. Kamaal says practically all software jobs from that region will be available for development. That amounts to a very big business opportunity and I want you to manage the responsibility”. Her boss concludes.

Veena listens to him carefully; fully knowing the enormous responsibility it was, she considers for some time and replies, “Sir I shall take up the responsibility but I have some questions to ask Mr. Kamaal, can I do”.

On that with a courteous smile Mr. Kamaal, a man in his forties, shifts a little in his seat to be able to attend on her questions; says, “Madam, Mahaale, whatever your doubts be open and ask intrepidly. I will explain everything without any reservations”.

“My first question is, I am a girl and as per my information Arabs do not take women working nonchalantly. In case I get resistance from them how am I to do my work”?

“You are probably correct”. Kamaal whispers and then in a more clear voice he promises, “You will be not having any problem Miss Veena Mahaale, as their company will appoint lady assistants to help her and also the staff of your corporation will always be there to be around you and please, do not worry about these things”! Kamaal hesitantly rejoins.

Veena’s boss intervenes and tells her that she will not be going to Dubai but shall manage the work from her local office but occasionally only she may have to visit the clients in the Arabian countries, where adequate care will be taken to see that she and her assistants are not unconvinced due to this bias of Arabs about women working.

On that kamala explains to them that even though Veena’s doubts are not out of point, nowadays a lot many women do work in offices and the younger Arabs are mostly not much bothered about all these outdated biases and the resistance can be kept out of her work, he assured her that she should not worry.

On that favorable note the meeting was expected to be over but at that moment Kamaal broached the topic of payments. On that Veena thought that she should keep out of that subject but her boss asks her to wait and that matter is also openly discussed in front of her. Veena is told that she will be getting double her salary and in addition to that Mr. Kamaal offers to pay a separate package of incentive to the staff who will be appointed to do the work of his company! On that annotation her boss gives a hearty laugh to which Kamaal joins and Veena gives only a very reserved glee. Veena wanted to play caution as the agreement was yet to be signed.

After that, both Kamaal and boss rise from their seats and ask Veena to accompany to another room called conference room. There they meet other people from the legal department of Veena’s corporation and there she sees that an elaborate agreement was already ready to be signed. There the chief of the legal department greets them and as they occupy their chairs he shows them the copy of the agreement and in a very solemn atmosphere the final reading of the agreement is about to commences. The legal officer tells them that each one of them is expected to listen carefully and if they have any disagreement be prompt and express it.

A clerk takes the copy of the agreement and commences to read it aloud. There was no other sound; this was a new and an exiting experience for Veena, she was now listening to the terms and conditions of the agreement, the reading was going on earnestly.

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