Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

Part 4

Occasionally, Naroo would think about all these things and has started realizing that drinking is not a good habit. By his drinking, neither he was doing any good for the society nor for his family or himself. Naroo decided to get out of this habit but now it was too late. Naroo was unable to do without drinking.
Naroo decides to meet one of his friends who was a practicing psychologist. There they discuss about vices and wonder why some people are addicted while many others can live without any bad habit. Naroo's friend tells him that such vices are required by persons who are highly emotional in their nature. Because of being emotional they need some sort of support to protect them from life's awkward experiences. Generally such people are afraid of failures, insults, challenges, competitions in life. By vices such person tries to run away from reality. He after telling this scientific explanation asked him what bothers him so that he should continue in drinking? Naroo contemplating on this question told him that it is true that he is highly emotional by nature and things happening around can disturb him so that he feels like drinking to avoid memories of those events. If he sees something wrong happening in the surrounding places he feels like drinking to forget those things. Naroo asked his friend if it is possible for a person to be non-emotional? His friend told him that a person is either emotional type or non-emotional type and it is not possible for an emotional type to be non-emotional type by any way. This revelation discouraged Naroo deeply and there while in the company of his friend, he felt like need for a drink. At that his friend told him that addiction is also possible in case of some things such as alcohol, tobacco, opium and similar things. Finally his friend told him that the only way to come out of this is to practice yoga. That meeting was over after Naroo promised his friend that he will try to practice Yoga. Unfortunately Naroo could not understand how to practice true Yoga, whatever he practiced was only an exercise called Hattayoga. What yoga he should have practiced was dnyanyoga that improves mental status of the person. He never got proper guide and as a result he continued to drink and could never come out of it. He was condemning himself at the failure of his attempts to stop drinking.
Days and years passed and a time came when Naroo was totally overcome by the habit of drinking. His father had become very old and not capable of doing any of his usual performance was spending most of his time in meditation. One day at night after the meals when all the members of the family of Naroo were sitting together and chitchatting about thing around, Naroo’s wife Sumitra told that she had gone to a temple of Kali on the outskirts of the town to meet her friend she saw people carrying a woman in a very bad condition to the temple. Out of curiosity she followed the crowd and entered the temple of Kali which is managed by the high priest of the Shakta cult and saw that, that woman was suffering from some sort of unusual fits. She inquired about the matter and was told by another woman from the crowd that the woman was supposed to be haunted by her dead husband. On further inquiring Sumitra came to know that her husband was a drunkard. Sumitra frightfully asked Duttprasad about how such things ever happen to these lower class people. With a sad smile on the face of Duttprasad he whispered to the family, “this is not the question of a lower class or higher class people, Sumitra, this can happen to any body. Even in our respected family there is a drunkard.” Looking to Naroo. Sumitra realized her mistake and silently moved from that room. Her father-in-law was correct in that. “We humans are higher class or lower class, all these classifications depend upon our virtues and vices. If in so-called higher class people vices enter then that becomes lower class.” he completed. Naroo understood that taunt and immediately reacted by asking with a challenge in his voice, “how to decide what is virtue and what is vice” ? “there are decent vices are there not”? retorted Naroo to his father. Duttprasad did not say anything on that. He was pondering over something. Then he said to Naroo,
Please, do not get annoyed at what I said”. Duttprasad replied. “I just wanted to correct your Sumitra, it is not good to condemn people as lower class from the appearance of those people. Many great saints are born of these societies. How can we call them lower class?”

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