Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ghost of an alcoholic drowned in deep waters

3rd part
He decided to quit the place and was about to get out of the seat and at that moment the host of the ritual that was done yesterday entered the house of Dattprasad. He looked very annoyed and was staring at Naroo. Dattprasad looked to him and asked him why he has come by a nod. That man did not say for some time and then told Dattprasad that after performing the service yesterday thing looked a little improved and the effect was very quick. He actually had come to thank the priest. He told Dattprasad, Naroo’s misbehavior had no effect on the performance as the priest had promised. He told Dattaprasad that all because of his penance that even though your son did not do any good gods helped me, again thanked him profusely and left the place.

Looking to Naroo with a mischievous smile Dattprasad said, “So what my son, do you at least now agree to me”? Naroo had nothing to comment on and so he got up and simply left the house without looking to his wife. She was pondering over the whole incidence. Spiritual or otherwise it was the main source of income for her father-in-law and Naroo had no business in causing any trouble to it. She was always with her father-in-law and always resisted Naroo whenever he opposed the profession. On that day Naroo decided that since he cannot stop drinking he should keep out of this type of arguments with his father. Naroo did not have an answer to the question his father had put to him, ‘what is worst? Drinking or performing rituals for the satisfaction of the simple people?’
Naroo was pondering about all these things and was trying to find how he can ever justify his habit of drinking? There was no justification for his drinking habit. On one side he was experiencing that his habit had already cost him his position in that community of Brahmins. People of his cast were avoiding him whenever they see him. This made Naroo remain in the company of people of lower class. People of that class always would drink bootlegger’s liquor and that made Naroo all the more indulging in that habit. Times had come when Naroo could not keep without the drink for even a day. This made him out of the house for many nights. His children were more inclined to listen to the grandfather who was always a respectable priest and was revered by all who would come to him for guidance or performance of a ritual. His habit had cost him almost everything. Naroo’s eldest son had taken to the family’s profession at the instance of both Duttprasad and Naroo’s wife. This enraged Naroo all the more but he decided to keep quiet. There was not sense in arguing with the family, he thought, and one day when Naroo was relaxing in the house on a holiday he saw his eldest son Vedprakash coming from the Gurukul. Vedprakash was a very intelligent boy. He had picked up the ceremonies and procedures of different pujas very quickly. That day Vedprakash was looking very pleased. He had performed a wedding ceremony all by himself. That was his very first ritual and even though he was accompanied by his reverent grandfather Duttprasad did not do anything in the ceremony but remained as a silent observer. Behind Vedprasad his grandfather was following. Both of them were carrying load of dakshina, offerings, host of the marriage ceremony had gifted to them. Vedprakash looked to his father and silently nodded to tell Naroo that everything was OK. Naroo realized that all the members of the family were together and any resistance to them by him doe not make any meaning.

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