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Part 7

Ramnath was sitting in his shop doing some accounts work and he glances Ramchandra and Veena slowly approaching his shop. Veena was a few steps following Ramchandra. Ramnath decides not to say anything to them if at all they come to him, as if he knows nothing! After a few moments the duo reaches the shop and in a hoarse voice as if he was chocked, Ramchandra calls Ramnath. They greet casually and Ramnath looking to Veena ask,
“Hello, young lady, how is it that you are here”?
“We have weak end furlough”! Veena politely replies.
“How is the job”? Ramnath
“I am enjoying the work, it is quite challenging but I can manage, moreover the future prospects are really very excellent”! Veena replies in one breathe. Veena says it while glancing at her father to judge his reactions.
“I am happy to hear this but do not forget us simple village people”. Ramnath says it in a mischievous voice looking to Ramchandra.
Then looking to Ramchandra, Ramnath nonchalantly enquires, “So dear Ram, what is the news”?
On hearing this Ramchandra signs to Veena and mutely tells her to give the packet of the notes to Ramnath.
Veena takes out the packet and puts it on the desk in front of Ramnath quietly. Ramnath even though knows what it contains surreptitiously pretends to be unaware of it and coolly asks, “What is it”?
Ramchandra nervously clears his throat and speaks out in a throaty voice that he wants to make first installment for the payment of the loan. On that Ramnath looking to Veena requests how much is it?
“Fifteen thousand, Kaka”! Veena
“I wish to return this much on monthly and by that soon we will be free of the loan liability”. Veena utters casually
Hearing her Ramnath feels very happy and now looking to Ramchandra he shrugs his shoulders and tells him that he is a very lucky guy. “Veena is more like a son than a daughter”! Ramnath says and laughs.
“I am very proud of you my dear girl, I knew for certain that you will not fail your father, I am really very proud of you”. Ramnath repeats his comments repeatedly. In the mean time Charu enters the shop from behind and quietly sits next to Veena, patting on her shoulders she blesses the girl with a gracious smile. Veena returns the smile holds her palm warmly. They exchange sweetness through such manners. Ramchandra and continue their usual village gossip while the two ladies get up and leave to the inner room where Ramnath is staying.

As planned by the merchant and his wife Ramnath broaches the topic of Vishwas and he tries to measure how much Ramchandra will respond to their suggestion, even without making the suggestion, of the proposal for Veena. Ramnath does not make the hinting properly true to the nature of all men and Ramchandra pretends that he has not got the hint so well that the subject remains without further discussion. After some time Veena comes out with some freshly prepared refreshments and a tray with piping hot tea. Charu follows the girl, announces to the men that the tea and the refreshments of potato bhajjis are prepared by Veena, and asks her husband to remark as to how he liked them. Ramchandra looks amazed at that but does not show any sign of that. Actually he never expected that his daughter will do it at Ramnath’s house, even though he was not against the suggestion since the boy, Vishwas, was a very good a proposal however, he considered; it is a little too early to talk on these matters. Without giving any visible reaction he accepts the dish advanced by his daughter and stays mute wondering about what the merchant says about the culinary skills of Veena. As was expected by Charu Ramnath after eating only one bhajji extol the skills of Veena at cooking. Everything looks as if she is most welcome in that household.

Ramchandra though was feeling pleased at that; was not wanting any further talk about that and so after eating the dish and gulping the tea hints to Veena and bids adieu to the merchant. As they were about to leave the shop Charu approaches Veena lovingly and putting palm of her right hand on her head blesses her once again; Ramnath looks very please at all those things happened there, and calls Veena to come when tomorrow Vishwas will be coming. On that Veena explains to them that she shall be leaving early tomorrow as she has to attend the office next day. On that no body remarks but Charu looks a little discouraged.

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