Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Part 6

Ramnath joins the ladies and they continue chatting; there was no end for that sumptuous chatting, almost all the topics current in that village were on the agenda. Ramnath was giving his expert opinion and the two women were all appreciation for the merchant’s smart comments. A smell of some thing burning emitted out of the kitchen of Charu and she suddenly remembers that curry was on the stove! This makes her move abruptly to her kitchen and that puts an end to that interesting meet. They disperse; Ramnath keeps pondering about the possibility that he shall get some money on that day.

Ramnath was a smalltime merchant providing various needs of the village people and he was the only shop where villagers could make their purchases. He was a very kindhearted person, was a source of funds for the villagers as and when they needed and most important part was that Ramnath was not very particular about the interest on his funding to the villagers all the same, villagers were also good enough so that he never had to bother about the returns on his credits to the villagers. Some three years back Ramchandra, village schoolteacher and father of Veena had approached him for some help so that he may be able to send Veena for higher education in the nearby college. Ramchandra did not have sufficient funds to pay for the fees and such other expenses. He talked about it and requested Ramnath to help if possible! Ramnath having high regards for the teacher did not waste much time and promised Ramchandra that he will arrange for the funds; if Ramchandra can wait for some time. After a week Ramnath called Ramchandra and gave him forty thousand cash! This is how Veena’s education was arranged for. Neither Ramnath nor Ramchandra ever again talked about the repayments of the funds and the interest. Veena was doing her education and passed her exam in first rank. That was told to Ramnath by some other villager, Ramchandra had vouched to himself that unless he carries the return of the loan he would not meet the merchant. As the time was passing after Veena having passed the final exam and was regularly applying to many interviews but without any outcome, tension was slowly mounting in Ramchandra’s household. Every body would be very tense whenever the topic came up for discussion. Veena was also feeling guilty for no sensible reason. Ramnath knew everything of Ramchandra’s financial ability and so in fact he had told his wife, Charu that they should forget and forgive the loan matter and should not show curse on Ramchandra, taking it in the way that they financed their own daughter, as Veena was a very nice and loving girl liked by all in the village. The kindness the couple was showering on Veena when she was a small girl. Ramnath had no daughter but only one son, Vishwas. Vishwas was a good boy and presently doing his medicine in a veterinary college nearby. Vishwas only six years older to Veena but they were good pals. Playing together when they were children. That village Ghatla was made of good people all knowing each other since their many generations. It was not a village but a big family.

Albeit, Ramchandra was not prepared to accept the silent suggestion of Ramnath that the loan be waived. He wanted some more time and was also prepared to pay proper interest on the amount. All was going on without both sides referring to this matter, to each other. And one day Veena gets one more call; she attends it and gets the interview, finally she is approved by the interviewers and now Veena gets her very first job. That news spreads to all the village and for some two days that was the hot topic for the villagers who are always starved of some hot topic to gossip. However, both the gentlemen say nothing to each other on meeting in the village panchayat.

Ramnath keeps in retrospect, silently sitting on the swing on his verandah.

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