Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Part 4

Veena was petty late to reach home and that had made her aunty, Yamuna Sathe worried. She was standing on the doorstep to wait on her. Veena came plonking like a small girl and as she came to the doorstep jumped to embrace her aunty airily. Why are you so late today? Today was your payday and you are so late; I was worried! Yamuna uttered all in one breathe.
"Yes Aatyaa, today I got my life's very first pay packet! I went with my friends Rashmi and Jyoti to a restaurant for refreshment, actually we were celebrating our salary day; you got it"!
"Ohh, that was good to hear but till you come I was really worried, you do not know but in this city there are thieves and pickpockets and all sorts of bad people and they are very active on such pay days. One more thing, who, paid for the restaurant bill"? Aatyaa
"Well, that was party by my friend Rashmi and so of course, she paid the bill"! Veena
"Dear, remember one thing; you have to return these things by giving a party some time later on; that is the custom of this city. OK"! Yamuna
"That is no problem, we are always together! Aunty, may I tell you something? I want to be big, very big, you know something so big that I will have a lot of money and make my Babaa and Aai very proud of me".
Consoling her for her ambition Yamuna asked her what she plans to do about her salary.

"Will you put it in a bank account"? Yamuna
"I did not think of that as yet, but for that, I will have to first open an account in a bank, do you have an account in a bank"? Veena
"of course, I have! But today it is too late; we will open an account in my bank which is on the corner of the main street". Yamuna
While chatting they slowly moved, Yamuna putting her arm around Veena at her waist and Veena putting her arm around Yamuna's shoulder walked closely pressing her cheeks on Yamuna’s; in the first room. Chatting continued with occasional jollity.
"In that case, I shall be late to reach my office, will you please do something; tomorrow you get the required application form; I will fill it and for that I shall leave the office a little early so that I shall reach home early and we will go together and do the needful to open the account". Veena
"Better still, we will reach the bank early; it opens at 8:00 am. You finish your account opening and shoot to your work from there, may be you take an auto so that you will reach in time to your office! I know every body in that bank; one of the clerks is my friend so that opening an account need not take much time"! Yamuna
"Aatyaa, I have never traveled by an auto, I feel afraid of all those things". Veena showed her reluctance.
"There is nothing so difficult and do not be so stupid, you are an important officer in the company, you should feel ashamed to say that". Aatyaa remonstrated.

"Be bold, just call one and telling him the place name, he will accept it by a quick nod then quietly enter into the back seat and sit relaxed. Do not show to him that you are new in the city; that will not be good and as the place comes looking to the meter pay the fair. That is all, why you feel embarrassed. Are you not a smart girl”? Aatyaa
On that Veena chuckled and with a sly smile kept quiet.
They settled in the room talking about the office and her new friends, a typical ladies gossip was going on for some time; then Yamuna told her to refresh her and be ready for the super. Yamuna went in side to prepare super and Veena relaxed on the cot imagining about her future, the first pay had made her feel very confident of herself.

The next day they, as planned by Yamuna, went to the bank and completed the simple procedure, opened the SB account; Veena very proudly was holding her new passbook and in that first deposit of only one hundred and then she deposited her pay order, smiling to herself she bid a goodbye to her Aatyaa and in the presence of Yamuna called for an auto. Yamuna was amusingly watching the first attempt of her niece to get in an auto; Veena with the auto went away and Yamuna looking complacent walked slowly back to her house. The complete panorama of Veena's as yet life she recalled, a very small Veena walking or rather trotting in the back yard of their village house and all the little pranks the child Veena did, she was a simple average girl but very studious and hard working, Yamuna felt very confident that this young girl will do something in her life; these feelings also made her feel slightly nervous with the thoughts that the girl will marry away and what will be the condition of her poor brother, Ramchandra Mahaale, Veena’s father.

Veena reached her office in time and while she was getting out of the auto paying, the charges as per the meter, almost stumbled upon Jyoti who was rushing to the entrance hall of the building. They greeted each other and entered the office. Veena wanted to tell Jyoti, how she opened her first account but constrained herself; it may appear very naive to the other girls who are quite used to all these city rituals. Remembering the way the two girls laughed at her in the restaurant, Veena make a decision; not to talk about everything to these city girls any more!

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