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Part 3

Veena was feeling very hungry by the time she reached the chawl she was staying with her aunty. Entered the small room threw the wallet on the cot stood carelessly looking nowhere and now closing her tired eyes wanted some real rest. She pushed her on the cot, almost about to sleep and there came her aunty, asking her about how was the day with serenity on her face showing clearly how she was concerned about her dear niece.

“Not bad, Aatyaa.” Veena blurted out automatically. She did not want to open her eyes for some time but, all at once, she realized that she was very hungry.

“Take some hot tea and bhajias, I have prepared”! Her Aatyaa almost ordered her and there Veena heard the clatter of a dish being slammed on the stool next to the cot. Tired Veena slowly opened her sleepy eyes and found that a cup of hot tea and a plate of steaming hot bhajias were waiting for her. Veena smiled sheepishly, made herself comfortable, sitting on the cot and was almost about to touch the plate and there again her aunty came from inside room and warned her that she must first wash herself and make fresh before eating. Ohh, Veena had nearly forgotten it! Discipline first, she jumped out of the bed and went inside to refresh herself with a nice cold bath. Veena was out of the tiny bathroom, compared to the one in her village home which was as big as a spacious room, now Veena was allowed to have her nashta! It was no doubt very tasty and the chatting with her aunty about how the day passed was all the more testy.

"How is it that you look so tired? Is the work very tiring"? Auty
"No Aatyaa, the work at the office was very interesting and I am not tire for that. You know this pass through these city buses is more tiring than the whole days work". Veena passed her honest remarks on the city bus.

Both the women laughed it away and her aunty, Yamuna set on telling Veena some of her own incidents about how torturous this journey by bus is. But all the same, we have to put up with that since, one has no alternative but to use these buses. They talked more about this city life and the chatting continues for some time. Yamuna tells her; how she got her appointment transferred to a nearby school, just to avoid this hectic journey on the city buses. And airily suggested Veena to do the same. On that Veena with a glee retorted that it is not possible, her office is not having any branch in the near about vicinity. They were enjoying the conversation; Yamuna asked, about how the boss is; and all those typical queries those follow in the chatting amongst women.

Days were passing very well and Veena was showing her boss how erudite she is in her work.

Veena received her first pay packet, envelop with a pay order, and it was a sum she was planning to spend on her family. Putting it in her pocket on the suit she was wearing she slowly moved out of the office as if in dreams. It was no surprise that she got a sum of twenty thousand the very first month of her career, as it was already known to her but the fact that the money has actually come to her had a different feeling. Rashmi and one other colleague Jyoti joined her on the foyer of the building, they were chatting about the good pay they get at that company and confessed that they were lucky ones to be in this company.
"How will you spend your first salary"? Rashmi puts to Veena casually.
"I shall give it to my father, I want to return to him all that he spent on me for my education, you know, he has drawn a loan from village merchant for my education and so my first duty is to repay that". Veena replied.
"How much is the loan liability"? Jyoti
"Don't know exactly but may be around some forty thousand"! Veena
"Owe by just that much"! Rashmi
"that is not much for you, you can repay it in just about three months with this scale of pay"! Jyoti
They all laughed it away and Veena felt very strong, that she was powerful enough to repay that loan in a short time; while her father was constantly worried about it for all the time. Actually that loan was the subject of discussion in that family for most of the time family would talk about in the house.
Veena decides to go to the village in the coming weekend and pay the money to the merchant the first half. As they walked in the street Rashmi called the other two girls to a restaurant for a snack. This was something new for Veena since she had never been in any restaurant in her life before and so she was very curious about how a restaurant is from in side. They all walked into a specious restaurant and were searching for the suitable place to relax.
"What is your life's plan"? Veena heedlessly enquired to Rashmi.
"My life's plan"? Rashmi snapped in a sharp voice; she did not say anything for a while, as if thinking and then said to them, "My life's plan is big; I want to own a big hotel"!
"What is hotel"? Veena
This innocent query made the other two girls laugh at her. They could not control their guffaw.
"Did I say anything wrong"? Veena retorted naively. That made the girls laugh even more, they were really enjoying Veena's simplicity and after they finished their glee; Jyoti patted lightly on her shoulders and promised her that one day she will be visiting one in the near future when the company is holding the seminar on their work.
They settled comfortably on a table at the corner and Rashmi ordered for snacks. Veena was watching in side of the restaurant and watching her do that the other two were exchanging smiles with confidence; they were feeling great that they are more experienced about city life than this village girl.

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