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Part 35

It was too much for her and Ibna standing out on the verandah keeps weeping silently. It was early morning and twitting of birds had just begun. She slowly moves and sees around, the idea that she is safe and that was just a terrible nightmare gives her strange contentment. Even though it was a dream it reflected possibilities for the future and now Ibna was going to be doubly careful about her relations with Shree. However this experience gave her some strength and she decides that no matter what, she shall be with Shree, Ibna convinced her that, that was her first love and not forced on her but it was her own. She knew, Shree did not know of her feeling for him, she had become conscious that Shree even does not have slightest idea of what she is thinking of him. Ibna decide at that moment that she is going to be his and only his wife, come what may. She knew so long as she is in India nobody from her place can do any harm to her. For better results, Ibna now decides that she has to back up her relations with Veena all the more strong in the coming time since that was her only chance to be with her love.

Most unexpectedly both Veena and Ibna get an urgent call from their officer at an early hour when they were sleeping but as Ibna was not sleeping she took the call on her mobile, there the officer requests her to return to the office immediately as some most unexpected development had occurred in the market.

They pack up for return journey to the city and for the moment she forgets everything and concentrates on her work. As they reach office direct from the Ghatala village after dropping Yamuna her home, Ibna remains very quiet. Veena is not aware of what had conspired in her friend and she was also not thinking of any thing but the office work. The situation was something like that; as their officer had arranged for the meeting for the month. They were more concerned about the new situation in the market. Chief officer of the department was explaining to them how the new situation could be perilous to their future business and that now they have to find ways and means to work so that the company can come out of the turmoil safely. Finally officer tells them that if any one of them can find a way out of this situation and help the management that fellow will be rewarded handsomely. The meeting is over and every body I in the management staff is now gathered in the corners of the office standing patiently to reassess the circumstance. Veena and Ibna were in the meet and were deeply concerned about the new situation as their future plans were now at peril if proper handling of the circumstance is not worked out in time.

One of the staff explains to them that the situation is that their foreign competitor has launched a scheme that was so encouraging to their customers that a good amount of business may be lost to them. The only solution to that was as Veena understood is that their company should come with a better package of stimulus and that is all. She told them that there is nothing so difficult to offer a better package and further she begins to explain and at that moment their chief officer joins them to take note of the intricate details she keeps explaining to them. Some of them voice their concern and try to put in possibilities of drawbacks in the plan Veena was contemplating on. After some explaining and discussion things begin to become more clear and the officer and other colleagues of Veena appear to have been, sort of, showing confidence in her plans. After some more discussion management comes to know that Veena’s plan could be a fitting reply to the competitor. On realizing this a sigh of relief appears on their faces and now chief office hurriedly pushes Veena to his office and others intuitively follow them. At the office he officially congratulates her for the timely advise and assures her that she shall be rewarded for her contribution as he will be recommending her for the nest pay rise next month.

On hearing this Veena bursts into a big laugh. She tells them that it is nice that she shall be rewarded but it was her duty to help the company and she will be always doing that. Ibna witnessed this happening with amusement. She was feeling very proud of Veena considering her as her sister-in-law within her heart.

They day was finished with contentment as Veena was going to get additional increment and more power to do her job. Things were improving for her and there was not limit to her delight. Ibna offered to give her lift to her house so that they can enjoy more, Veena was expecting it from her, they moved out of the office with all smiles.

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