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Part 33

Visiting the farm was very successful and now the three decide to return to their house. Ibna and Shree were walking together and Veena was ambling behind them occasionally glancing to the couple in bewilderment. Ibna asks Shree to try his hand on driving saying, “You occasionally drive tractor of your friend so you have the feel of driving, why not try your skills of driving tractor on my car?” on hearing this Shree at the outset politely refuses to do that saying. “I don’t want to damage it and not feeling very confident about driving a big car with that judgment.” On hearing that Ibna assures him that she will help while he drives and he better not bother about the car being damaged, that is no problem with her.” After some cajoling finally Shree accepts her plea and sits in the driving seat, Ibna prefers to sit very close to him as if she is almost at the driving seat. Veena sees all the exploits of Ibna attempting to sit almost pressing on her brother and as if pretending to be teaching him the driving, she senses the intentions of her friend on her brother but prefers to keep cool, after all, her brother was not objecting the girl for all those advances she was doing, then why bother, was her reaction and so on that she decides to keep watching all the pranks Ibna was going to play with her brother. Enjoying the touch of a man Ibna looked very pink confident and as Shree was not distasteful to her that confidence was growing all the more, Veena could feel that. Now she had started to enjoy the pranks of her friend and was more interested in what and how her brother reacts. Shree could easily start the car, here they moved out of that place, with the ease of an experienced driver. On seeing this Ibna began to laugh blissfully, her beautiful face beaming with unusual radiance, commenting on the good driving Shree was doing and pocketing the credit that she was instrumental for giving him a chance to drive. This her reaction annoyed Veena but kept cool as she wanted to see what more is happening in the couple. Veena saw Shree looked very pleased that he was now driving a car and that so easily. The car was automatic and so driving it was really very easy. Ibna holding on the arm of Shree firmly and pressing her thigh on his was almost pouring on him to get maximum of him. Pressing her thick bosoms on his arm occasionally. Veena being a girl was getting strange jitters. Veena even though did not like all her pranks did not bother to react or may be Shree if approver of all those things could be sour to her. She prefers to look out of the car and keeps watching the beautiful nature that they were speedily passing. It was not a big distance for the car to cover that and soon they were at the gates of Veena’s house. Ibna quickly separates from Shree as she sees father standing on the gate. Her gestures clearly showed the bewilderment suspecting if the senior person has had the glimpse of her advances on Shree. Luckily father did not appeared to be seeing anything. Shree Nath stops the car smoothly and looks to father with happiness that he could not have concealed. Father also looked puzzled on seeing his son at the driver’s seat and the question mark was very evident. Veena was enjoying the expressions father had on his face. They were a mixture of so many feeling that she could not discern. She comes out of the car and Ibna quickly follows with her looks very down trying to cover the shy on her face. Ibna looked very contented and her bosoms were quivering gently clearly giving hint to those who understand that the girl was satisfied. Ibna mending her uncombed hair stood like an innocent lamb trying to hide behind Veena, fathers presence was a little too much of embarrassment to her. Her feminine nervousness was very evident. Shree parked the car and got out with a pleasant smile, he handed over the keys to Ibna which she mutely refused to take and like a small child preferred to run into the house searching mother as if she badly needed those comforts of mother. Veena was enjoying the way her friend was reacting after having done all those excesses, pretending to be very innocent!

They had gathered in the kitchen but Ibna was not to be seen, “Where is Ibna?” asked mother. They searched and found that she was cleaning her limbs. They call it vazu in Islamic tradition. Cleaning arms, legs and face are required before they do the prayer, which she was doing. Looking to that mother having no idea about the Islamic tradition scolded her children pointing to Ibna’s sense of hygiene, “See how she has cleaned herself before eating, learn something from her and go and clean yourself quickly and join for the meal. Veena and Shree looking to Ibna with some distrust reluctantly move out to the toilet. Ibna looking very fresh comes near mother and stands quietly. She really looked very pretty with her pink features. Mother lovingly pats on her back and requests, “How did you like the small farm we have.”

“It is very nice and Shree taught me something of the farming and you know Mumma, I have decided to learn farming from Shree so that I can also do it in course of time.” Her calling mother, Mumma, was a surprise to her but under the circumstance that was considered quite natural. Yamuna however, had the feel of what was brewing but preferred to keep quite. Reactions of both Veena and Yamuna were exactly similar.

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