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Part 1

That was a usual morning like any other but for Veena Mahaale, it was a special one. Veena Mahaale had finished her post graduation in Computer science and today she was getting her first job. Veena looked very pleased at the events those passed by in those few days during which she was attempting to get her a good decent job in a reputed corporation. Her luck favored her at last and there she was getting a very good job in a corporation in Mumbai. Veena had applied to more than a few companies for the job and here she got an opportunity so that she could prove to the employers that they were exact in choosing her.

She was busy preparing to reach her new office Veena chose her best dress specially prepared for the occasion. She was told at the office that in such companies sari and skirts are not considered as decent and appropriate gear and a suit with a ladies trouser was the suggestion. Veena was not a very beautiful girl but looked like other normal girls, she had a fair complexion and on that dark colored suit and trouser were looking fitting to her; and finally she is ready. Hurriedly she rushes into the lane out side the house where she was at present staying at her aunty. A village girl habituated to move bear footed was now wearing a high-healed sandal made her a little uncomfortable. She was walking balancing herself carefully constantly worried about her gait. That was a new but pleasurable experience to Veena. Quick pace she comes on the main road and awaits at the bus stop to get the very first bus to reach her office a few minutes in advance so that things do not go wrong at the very first day. While waiting at the bus stop, not very crowded at that early hour, she goes in her thoughts looking back, her days in the village where she grew.

A village girl, daughter of a schoolteacher, in that small shanty village, Ghatla, she grows under strict but loving care of her parents. They were not very well off nevertheless; it was enough to content them. From the beginning Veena was a good talented child. Her elder brother, considerably older than her, had only just learned to read and write, as he had to look after the little farmland their family owned. He was an erudite farmer. Veena hailed from that simple family having never seen things, in a city like Mumbai; but only had heard about it from some people of that village who often would visit Mumbai for occasional work. Very often she would visit their small five-acre farm, play with trees, and sing songs along with her village girl friends. Life was simple and leisurely. No body was in a hurry, things were moving at steady pace so one could manage affairs with ease. There was beauty and calmness in that life style. She set out to compare the life style of the city presently she was living in with that of her village. Village life was simple and cool while city life was very mixed up with complicated affairs making it at times very tiring. In her village there were only a few wall clocks, one in the school and the other in the kacheri or village office from where village was managed by the Patil. In city every one had one on his or her wrist and many more around not to count them. This showed to her that in city time was very important while at village time was almost still. Veena had purchased one ladies watch for her use just the other day so that she would be in time wherever she went. Reaching office in time was very important and that needed one. Anyhow Veena had begun to enjoy the thrill of the city life. The thrill she would not have thought of in that sleepy village of Ghatla. She remembers her friends in the village, Yashoda, what she must be doing at this time Veena could know; yes, Yashoda must be sweeping the front courtyard of her house and Mani, her younger brother, must be playing around her and her mother, busy putting firewood to heat the water for washing clothes. These were routine things happening at almost every house in that village and the routine was more or less the same in every home. She remembered her brother Shree Nath; well he must be already in the farm and must have commenced watering plants while plucking some bringaul and ladies fingers for the home cooking. Veena reminisces the fresh air smell of the farm in her mind; in the city she smelled some exotic lavender perfume applied by one girl who had just come and stood next to her at the bus stop. That had broken her tranquil and she looked around. She could not see any familiar face; this made her feel the difference again between the village and city public. In her village almost everybody knew every other person but in the city nobody knew the next person; even they did not know their neighbors! Veena smiled to herself on that and continues to look around just for entertainment or amusement.

She saw the bus she was waiting for was fast approaching the stop and at once people on the stop became alert as they always do in the city. She boarded the bus and since it was rather too early that she got a seat to sit. Bus picked up and moved quickly away.

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